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Universal washing


Fluid for removal of transportation sediments and other oily contaminants by the method of the so-called "active foam". SUPER VAN is water solution of bio-degradable surface active agents which allow for transformation of oils, lubricants and other non-easily removable sediments into water emulsions. The highest efficiency is guaranteed in application of the device enabling foam form cover.


The agents for cleaning and sediment/carbon deposit removal from internal combustion engines and conductors. SUPER MOTOR is water solution of biodegradable surface active agents which allow for transformation of oils, lubricants and other non-easily removable sediments on metal and ceramic surfaces as well as plastics into water emulsions.


Agent for cleaning aluminium. SPECIAL FLUOR is strongly concentrated agent based on hydrofluoric acid for washing and renovation of aluminium. This product is perfect for renovation of aluminiun parts: rims, trailers and cisterns.


Basic substance applicable in removal of greasy, burnt deposits and carbon deposits from carriages of smoking chambers, grills and other surfaces as well as floors in machine workshops. SPECIAL FLO is concentrated basic substance applicable in transformation of non-easily removable oils, lubricants, carbon deposits and other deposits into water emulsion. Properties: the product is subject to the requirements of UWO-2/98, its form brown fluid, solid substance content min. 15%.


The universal substance for cleaning all types of liners, coated surfaces, carpets, car upholstery etc. SUPER TAP is concentrate applicable in various concentrations which depend on the level of combustion. It is efficient for cleaning surfaces, natural and artificial fibre plaits.


A cleaner to wash and disifection of sanitation facilities. SUPER TOI is a perfect chemical to remove tipical impurities from sanitation facilities such as scale, calcium salt, etc. It contains an antibacterial substance of a wide acting spectrum, ruthless for bacteria, mould or fungus.


The substance applicable in food industry, appropriate for all types of surface like floors, PCV panels etc. The substance is low-foaming.SUPER UNIVERSAL is biodegradable water solution allowing for transformation of oils and lubricants into emulsions. Warm water increases washing efficiency. Chemical and physical properties: it does not contain acids and caustic substances, it does not influence machine tools, it maintains its properties in case of freezing.

We encourage to buy our products, which we pack up in to the 30 l, 200 l, 1000 l boxes. Our boxes are from the most important technological line, which protects products from reactions with external factors, safes value of this product and has an impact on client's imagination. The label placed in our detergents, informs clients about precise instruction of our products and we help how to use them.

Why us?

  • WE ARE THE PRODUCER of chemical detergents
  • ATTRACTIVE PRICES, flexible for customers
  • Many years of experience
  • We offer support SERVICE AND CONSULTING
  • THE MOST MODERN machines


The Company CIH Cleaning Systems is looking for DEALERS in area of Poland. They should be interested in cooperation with local distribution of products used to clean machines and in widely understood industry etc.

What is more, we are looking for SALES REPRESENTATIVE, who would like to be part of our company. Futhermore, partners who would work in association with local market to spread our products and reach more people interested in taking care of machines, maintaining clearness in garage, car washes, farms, schools, hospitals, etc.

If you would like to be part of us please contact us on email or call us
+48 602 228 090

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