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Disinfecting agent on the DVG list. LERASEPT D 402 is a combination of quaternary ammonium compounds which have a very wide germicidal scope (bacteria, fungi, mildew, algas). LERASEPT D 402 does not have scent, it is easily rinsed and does not cause corrosion. The product can be used by spraying or foaming in all areas of food industry. Very effective germicidal activity.


Lightly alkaline washing agent. LERASEPT L420 is a combination of coordinate active surface compounds, quaternary ammonium compounds and strengthening phosphate cleaning effect. The product is made for manual washing and disinfection of all types of surfaces in production and sale in food industry. Lightly alkaline features of the product protect cleaned surfaces and skin. The combination of the elements of LERASEPT L420 dissolves grease, protein, pigments. When the product has good concentration especially when washing very dirty surfaces in the temperature at least 20C it gives very good results.


Disinfecting agent based on hydrogen dioxide – paracetic acid. LERASEPT FORTE is a liquid stabilizing disinfectant on the basis of hydrogen dioxide – paracetic acid. The product has high biocidal effectiveness, operates on bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. LERASEPT FORTE is not an explosive substance and is not sensitive to shaking or beating. During application and keeping you should abide by given OHS guidelines. LERASEPT FORTE is used in food industry for fast disinfection of surfaces that have contact with food.


Disinfecting alcohol product. LERASEPT FI is ready to be used for fast and effective disinfection of gentle surfaces in food industry. Especially used in packing line, plastic tape, scales, cutting devices and other machines. LERASEPT FI contains an alcoholic combination of germicidal activity. Steaming of the product is enough to get an effective disinfecting effect. Through specific operating mechanism of alcohols (denaturation of protein cells) germicidal scope against becteria and viruses is reached within 1 minuteof product’s activity.

We encourage to buy our products, which we pack up in to the 30 l, 200 l, 1000 l boxes. Our boxes are from the most important technological line, which protects products from reactions with external factors, safes value of this product and has an impact on client's imagination. The label placed in our detergents, informs clients about precise instruction of our products and we help how to use them.

Why us?

  • WE ARE THE PRODUCER of chemical detergents
  • ATTRACTIVE PRICES, flexible for customers
  • Many years of experience
  • We offer support SERVICE AND CONSULTING
  • THE MOST MODERN machines


The Company CIH Cleaning Systems is looking for DEALERS in area of Poland. They should be interested in cooperation with local distribution of products used to clean machines and in widely understood industry etc.

What is more, we are looking for SALES REPRESENTATIVE, who would like to be part of our company. Futhermore, partners who would work in association with local market to spread our products and reach more people interested in taking care of machines, maintaining clearness in garage, car washes, farms, schools, hospitals, etc.

If you would like to be part of us please contact us on email or call us
+48 602 228 090

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